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okay, i just finished my speech test corrections,
gonna start on maths now!
tomorrow got mock exam :(

and and, mdm ang says that my maths test, 1st page all cross D:
1st page cross, means 2nd page no hope already la -.-
2nd page, 7 marks gone already.
i'm going to be so disappointed when i get back the test paper tomorrow (?)
i studied, i really studied!!!! UGH.

and i dont understand why now they want to give us mock exams too D:
mock exams > prelims > EOY > O levels.
stress ah.

damn it.
anyway, i'm satisfied with my speech test :)

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hey, okay, so erm, surprisingly, didn't get back our results today! 
but by this week definitely.
i believe it's tomorrow -.-
oh gosh.

anyway, got back 3 test papers today ! 
i'm proud of myself ^^
Geog - 11/15! 
jingkun was holding onto my paper, & he said sth like why never teach him?
then i was like "EH?! " cos i didnt expect myself to get that marks. yea.

Chemistry - 26.5/30! 
this was shocking too.
okay, i seriously dk what happened to me, today, whichever teacher call me, i won't know.
i will be like "huh? me ah? " LOL.

POA - 19.5/20!
oh yay! when i went to take my paper, i was wearing 9 watches -.-
LOL, joker. :/
cos during PE Lesson, i got hit by the ball, so was my watch, and my watch fell apart. D:
my new watch :(
was kinda sad about it la, then cedric lent me his watch (which was super big. LOL) 
then he went to borrow from a lot ppl too.
that explains why i was wearing 9 watches!

so yea~ :D 
i'm vvvv. happy that my term 3 humans i got an A?! OMG 8D 
from a usual U grade or C5/6, i jumped to A?!?!?!
okay, i hope i didn't count wrong la?
don't be so happy first!
but at least, an improvement!

Maths will be a C grade -.-
POA, if i'm not wrong an A too?
Science.. will be kinda disappointing then?
since my physics is like shit :O
Chinese, i have no idea.
English ? uhm.. i failed right? yea, i think so. HAHA!
oh yes, i failed by half a mark for summary -.-

so yes, i hope there's 70% ? D:
okay, abit impossible la.

oh no, it's almost 9!!
i should start studying soon.
maybe at 9? LOL! :/
at least 3 hours.
ganbarimasu!! i can do it! 
i'll study till 12 :D 

then i see whether i want to continue or not. heheh.

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so tired now :o

i think after blogging, i'll go bathe and sleep.
then wake up and study POA ;(
i can't believe friday is coming already.
omg, like so fast! 
on monday we were still saying " friday faster come leh.. " HAHA!
end up, today, we realized that tomorrow is thursday already.

okay, so school was normal?
MT we went to ITR3, then we all had karaoke session! HEHEH!
this few days my class like to sing alot!! :O
maths, i did nothing at all :/
PE was a waste of time for me.
cos throughout the whole 1 hour plus, i did nothing but just sit at one corner and watch them play?
because there's like extra ppl in my group?
then since they always never pass the ball to me, i volunteer to be reserved lor? LOL :/

Chemistry, i didnt do anything too.
seriously, i'm so going to fail my chemistry okay.
i didnt even pay attention for this whole chapter that he is teaching now?
so my knowledge for this chapter = ZERO DESU! 8D

English was quite enjoyable. LOL! 
plus the aircon, and cornerstone (Y) 
SS, POA, assembly~
Geog test.
AHHHH, 2 marks gone just like that -.-
shit la, i put cliff and beach opposite?!
fail alrdy lor :o
dont really know how to do it.

i hope i wont mess up my POA test tomorrow also.

i always find myself staring at couples whenever i see them? 
so jealous? LOL :/

i need more time!

i have to do all these after i wake up from my nap.
which is, i'm going to take a nap now! 
i skipped maths remedial because i wasn't feeling well.

i'm thinking whether is it that everytime i feel depressed or stressed, i'll fall sick?
seems like it.
but maybe it's just coincidence :o

so yea.
so much to do yet so little time :(
have to study for Geog test too! 



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somebody help me please? :(
is it because i keep studying for tests until i'm sick of it, and i dont feel like doing anything now?
don't feel like studying for tests/do homework!! D:

i'm going to fail my physics really badly.
& same for tomorrow's chemistry because i haven't start studying  yet.
then, my english homework, i dont want to do at all!! D:
compre and summary, i'm giving up on summary, compre.. i didnt complete -.-
then maths remedial homework, i never do also.

OH NO, what is happening to meeeeeeeeeeeeee?! 
D: D: D:
if this continues, i'm dead.

okay, i seriouslyy need to study for chem now! D:

on the other hand, i'm satisfied with my humans results ! :)
SS - 19/25 ( just because i forget to write title, 3 makrs gone D: )
Geog  - 10.5/15 ! :)
omg right, my geog first time A okay!! :D 

okay, bye!

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For the whole day, I've been studying physics and nothing else!
So tomorrow, in the afternoon, I'll finish studying chemistry first before going home, then when I'm home, I HAVE TO COMPLETE ENGLISH COMPRE&SUMMARY!!

Plus maths remedial homework!!
Then I'll recap chemistry again and sleep!
Hopefully no homework tomorrow :( if not I will suffer badly!!

Anyway, I can wear yukata on Friday already! 8D plus, NEWS releasing album!!! Omg!!! 8D

Okay! Back to physics ? No confidence eh ;(

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13 hours of sleep

I slept for 13 hours last night! HEHEH!

Have been trying to buy cn blue's ticket since 9am?! Stupid gatecrash!
I think we will end up giving up!

Hais.. Nvm lor.

I don't like you :/ oops!

I got so many homework and tests la!
Thanks to YOG -.-
Got 3 POA papers, 1 English paper, 1 maths paper!
What else? Can't remember! And test everyday! Ugh

Okay, need to bathe and go tuition! Bye

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