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Bye ms liem!

i shall open this post to everyone instead of putting it as friends entry. 

wanted to update my livejournal last night while waiting for the video to upload to facebook.
but i was damn tired so i went to rest on my bed awhile. 
my whole body was aching & my stomach was in pain! 
last night was probably the worst night. 

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Ms liem is a really good teacher. 
she motivated the whole class and encouraged so many of us. 
It's really sad that she have to leave :(
but, have to accept the fact! 

Goodluck, ms liem! ♥
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HOHO, my computer is back!!! :D 
hmm, 4 days never blog already ? :D 

nothing much to blog about anyway.
everyday also study study study! 
got back Maths and POA prelim papers.

Maths - 64/100 !! 
i'm really happy with this result, because i didn't expect myself to get B ?! nono, i didn't even expect myself to pass!!! :D 

POA - 78.5/100!! 
YAAAY! i'm happy with this too ;) finally an A!!! 

haha, okay, left with chinese paper haven't get back.
this, 100% FAIL BADLY. LOL!  

had english EOY paper today ! 
HAH! i'm going to fail this badly too :(
my languages ah..

okayyy, byebye!! :D 
tomorrow children's day, no school! 
HAHAHAHA! no paper tomorrow, so no school :D 
Love rainbow

Lantern festival!

3 days never blog already?
A little lazy plus my comp still under repair ~
Anyway, tomorrow is last prelim paper already!!!

Finally!! But EOY coming.
Hmm, Starting from yesterday, our class only have 14 people :) since the rest are on study leave!
Kinda slack?
And school was fun!
Today's the best?

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guess what?
i was out like from 6+am to 8+ pm!! 
dismissed at 12+ , went northpoint to meet mummy and jie.
went to marina, Tony Moly~~ 
jie spent like $128+ there :O
then shop around, went to Fareast ~ 
didnt buy anything at all.
was like super sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy la.
but after drinking coffee, felt much awake! 

daddy says that the doctor says he cannot last until the day after tomorrow? :(
i hope it's not true.
plus, i didn't visit him today :(
:( i'm sorry, i really didn't know..
*prays nothing happens*



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gah, i'm so bored, so tired, so whatever.

i can fall asleep anytime. HAHA!
let me blog about today then?
i'm supposed to wake up at 9?
but i ended up waking up at 10! 
because, the very smart rina, set alarm just to wake people up, but forget to set alarm to wake herself up .
yes, luckily i woke up at 10 by myself! at least still got time to prepare!

went out at about 10.35?
managed to reach school at 11.05! 
end up only Zi Jian in class? LOL
oh well, expected, it's a waste of time :/
went there, did nothing?

at 12, we rushed back to charmaine's house to cook soba for Melodie!
oh no, it's the first time i'm eating it?
and i fell in love with it.
huijia went to daiso, and wanted to help me buy ?
but they never sell sauce -.-
so end up, never buy anything.

okay nevermind.
we brought soba to school, then we ate alittle, and went to help Szeyan celebrate birthday~ 
then went home after awhile.
came home, watch Minami Shineyo :D 

i know i'm very slow la, but you know, i'm more to Jpop? so therefore, jdramas too! 
i watched Minami Shineyo because of Yonghwa oppa ^^
i feel so sad for Shin Woo Hyung! 
kay, then i keep "awww" "aahhh" when i watching.
damn irritating huh :/

boring boring boring.
byebye D:

busy schedule!

HELLO, i forget to blog for the past 2 or 3 days? 
LOL, have been busy studying i guess? 
oh well.

did like 3 hours plus of consecutive maths just now! 
we took so long to complete paper 1.
die die die.

tomorrow will be the start of prelims! 
which means, the start of my consecutive exams?

3rd sept - Maths paper 1 1030-1230! 
13th sept - Maths paper 2 8-1030! & CL paper 1 1130-1330!
20th sept - POA paper 1 8-9.30 & paper 2 1030-1230! 
23rd sept - CL paper 2 9-1030!

(the end of prelims. )

30th sept - English paper 1 8-9.45 & paper 2 11-12.40! 
6th oct - social studies 8-9.30
8th oct - Chemistry paper 8-9.45
11th oct - geog paper 8-9.30
13th oct- Physics paper 8-9.45

(the end of EOY)

26th oct - Maths o level paper.
27th oct - Maths o level paper.
2nd Nov - POA o level paper.
10th nov - MT o level paper.

(the end of o levels)

seee, 1 exam after another :(
no break for me,! 
plus, our study leave only 2 days la -.-

2 months 8 more days to go, i just have to study for this 2 months and 8 days, then i can rest for the year already!! 

okay, back to maths?
i'm worried for my maths.
idk how to study.
i mean...
ugh, tmr i'm going to study for 1 hour first before going to school!!
most important is formats only right?

my maths sucks :( 

gaaaaah, byebye! 

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here comes johnny-san, releasing Arashi's 5th single of the year, Dear Snow.
Johnny, haven't you earned enough?
you've earn dk how many millions this year right! 
give us a break please, or maybe our wallets a break.
they said this "Arashi's 5th single of 2010 "Dear Snow" is biggest attention of this autumn." i got me a little tempted to get it.
but noooooooooooo ): i'm not supposed to spend anymore money D:

and i've decided! 
i've spent too much this year, next year, it's time for me to save.
however, next year, i'll buy Concert DVDs ( KAT-TUN, NEWS, ARASHI ) , Albums only?
no more singles! 
erm, that's only applying on Arashi :/
because arashi still have a lot of supporters D:
and it's really too crazy for me to buy every single thing like what i did this year :(
NEWS need more supporters, thus, i'm going to buy NEWS's single, plus they don;t release as much as Arashi.
so sorry arashi :/

i wonder what this year's oricon chart will be like..
top 10, 5 of them is arashi's?! 
LOL, and it's still quite early, who knows, november, there's another single release right?
can kind of predict this year's charts! 
in the top 10, 5 will belong to arashi, 2 will belong to AKB48, 1 will belong to KAT-TUN i guess? then the others idk already, but that's already 8 singles.

hm, anyway, school was....... fine?
PE played......... what? i also dont know.
is it basketball? LOL! 
okay whatever.

Geog and assembly period was freee ~ :D
during assembly period, there's paper ball fight in our classroom.

lunch with Charmaine Melodie Cedric Peisi Szeyan Xiuzhi ChuJie WeiKeong and Qimiao.
home with sisterrrrrrrrrrr ~ 

i'm alone at home now :(
then there's no dinner ..
hais, nevermind~ 

feel so tired now :o
shall sleep earlier tonight! :D 
now, i have to do some work?
i mean, at least POA? hahaha!
but before that, watch one episode of Dragon Zakura first :D 

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school was so tiring today.
during reading period, i was falling asleep, like seriously my eyes kept closing.
during chem, i slept a little :/
english was .. -.-
suddenly got the compre test? or maybe it's the mock exam.
yes crap, i nearly fell asleep again.
i'm gonna get single digit again -.-
really cannot stay awake!! 
then when i'm suddenly awake, i've got headache.
kunjing say my face pale :o

poa, physics was free period.
i slept ~ 
then like almost going to end tt time, i woke up?
and i saw ziyao wanting to throw something at me.
LOL, he quickly hid his hand! 

MT , back to lessons.
gosh, kinda weird.

Maths was o.o
got back test paper, surprisingly i passed?
i "quarreled" with charmaine because i told her i'm going to fail badly.
cos i seriously cannot do, and mdm ang was the one who told me that my first page all cross -.-
end up also dont have!! 
well, just passed! 14.5/25! 
haha, charmaine low didn't want to give me my table, so i shared table with cedric.
he was like plucking his leg hair -.-
gosh, disgusting.
and it's like so easy to come out :O

went for lunch with Crystal, Eunice, Charmaine, Alan, Huijia and Diyana! 
oh yes, and because of the relationship status thing ytd, during maths lesson, they all randomly asked me who it was?
it's like " it's him right?" 
then blahblah, i was like  " don't have!! i change back already! " 
then cedric say i blushed. :/
during lunch time, they continue again.

back to school, mock exam.
first question already stucked -.-
yea, but whatever :(
then me and charmaine right..
we can't remember what is the formula for curved surface area of cylinder?
then we both put "Pi R L "
lol, we were lke "EH ?! I PUT THAT ALSO!! "

home straight~ 
suay day huh.
see two mesu ! LOL! 

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okay, i just finished my speech test corrections,
gonna start on maths now!
tomorrow got mock exam :(

and and, mdm ang says that my maths test, 1st page all cross D:
1st page cross, means 2nd page no hope already la -.-
2nd page, 7 marks gone already.
i'm going to be so disappointed when i get back the test paper tomorrow (?)
i studied, i really studied!!!! UGH.

and i dont understand why now they want to give us mock exams too D:
mock exams > prelims > EOY > O levels.
stress ah.

damn it.
anyway, i'm satisfied with my speech test :)