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Unplugged Live!! :)

It's been awhile since i fangirl right?
so please forgive me if you think i'm acting all "fangirl-ish" (?)

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hehe, okay, i'm glad this is not a very crazy fangirl post? 
i'm not very into checking updates and whatever right now.
a little lost interest?
i'm too lazy too.
but i'll do everything after exams end :)

my computer spoil at the right time! 
i can spend my time for the next two days chiong-ing POA! :)

sigh, my mother and sister want to sleep already! 
have to off the laptop! 

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oh yes, i know pi look damn handsome! 
i need a recent jun poster la!LOL
thats like 2002 de? Sawada Shin! 
but.. that poster so ex? :/
so yea, he'll stay up there!:D 

i bought the latest Duet issue! :O
yes, pi as cover :D 
however, the pin up is Charmaine's Potato issue! 
the other side is Arashi :/

gonna buy the next Duet issue too D:
NEWS as cover + PIN UP! 
yes :D 
finally !! :D 

edwin kept saying "my body like Arashi."
and blahblah, like say his muscles this and that arashi ..
i have no idea why he kept saying arashi today! 
then most of the ppl in the class were like " you are Arashi's dog lah"

then i showed him the yamapi pin up and said " this one then is called muscles okay! "
i keep touching the wrong place of yamapi :/ then huijia keep saying " dont anyhow touch la! "

12:01am now.
i hope today's school will be better :(
but i doubt so.
double period of maths -.-
someone entertain me during lesson time please.


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Hello, let me post quickly, then i have to go for tuition soon.
i seriously need a break.
i can't wait for friday!! 

i just came home only, then i have to go out soon then when i come back, it's already like.. maybe 8+ ? then i have to study for test :(
today, we have like 3 periods free?
English, POA and Assembly!
so all these 3 periods were spent studying Geog.

during PE, we were split into 6 groups.
oh so pathetic.
it feels like no one want us okay-.-
ya la, whatever.
so for PE lessons now, we have to play Captain ball first, then Floorball, then Soccer.
zomg, i don't play sports okay.
i suck at it. :(
especially Soccer?! 
i don't really look forward to PE lessons now. :(
oh wait, i always dont look forward to it!

OH YAY, Yamapi's one in a million PV! 8D
woo, okay, geog test was.. fine?
but i'm going to fail it.
yes, that's all!

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i'm listening to 93.3 nowwwwwwww.
waiting for To Be Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ 8D

so yupp, i went Tampinessssss~ 
i deposited $50 into my bank. HAHAHAHA!
kay whatever.
i didnt get a haircut :(
Mummy's like tempting me to cut short hair again.
now i just need to deal with my fringe?
most important !
very irritating okay, everytime cover my right eye!

had lunch at Din tai fung 8D
kay la, nth to write? LOL!

watched Shounen Club just now :D
i keep imagining them crying... ;/

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anyway, i like Yamapi's My Dear & Flavor Favor for You! :D
it's nicer than Kuchizuke de Adios? :/

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Hey hey!!
hehe, i'm having my lunch now :O
ok, whatever.

i've watched Yamapi's One in a million pv preview! 
hmm, awesome? :D
but he reminds me of jinjin! 

okay, i think i dont need eat dinner already!
full :O

anyway, have to faster blog, then rest awhile, then bathe then uhm.. watch tv till 8pm, then ...do homework and homework and homework!!! :O
school was tiring today.
like seriously.
uhmm, double period of MT, had MT test, bao zhang bao dao.
i didn't memorize the format, but still managed to remember la. and i think i wrote quite a lot!! 8D
even though i dont understand the topic? i can't read -.-
then i just focus on internet gambling!

maths was fine.
k, basically, i wasn't paying attention?
i was planning sth else!
yeeep, 10th august!! :O
but i still dont have confidence eh.
we're going to turn Charmaine's house upside down!

double period PE was free period AGAIN.
like school reopen 3 weeks, in this 3 weeks, we only got 1 time PE -.-
like wth right.
boring like mad.
but our class was playing with the blood pressure machine thingy.
idk why, our school want us to measure?! LOL! 
first time, my heart rate was 111!! 
omg, HAHAHA, but after that, take again, it's 90++ ! ;D

recesssssssssss, chemistry was free period too.
i did the worksheet and i slept! 
english lesson in corner stone! :D 
i like!!

then .. geog, i actually prefer mrs ng teaching us geog? :/
but yea.. it's like...cos i actually was listening and can understand?
but but, today i was too tired?
so like when the lesson left with 10 minutes or so? i was dead.
HAHA, i sleeept!
sleep until POA :O
then assemblyyy.
in class, got nagged.
dimissed, i wanted to stay in class, but HUIJIA PULL ME OUTTTTTTTT! 
or rather, Huijia, Melodie and Charmaine!
huijia even wanted to piggyback me.
damn scary. HAHAH

SS test, i wrote like #$%# $
hand super pain?
cos not enough time then i was rushing like mad.
part a, i wrote  like abit more than 3/4 of the page.
then b, i wrote one whole page! 
i hope i never write wrong?
like the way i present my answer.
if not i memorize so much also no use -.-
and the Foreign intervention thing, is 1987, i go write 1967 -.-

went home straight.
i hope i can sleep at 10pm tonight.
lack of sleeep!
tomorrow supposed to reach school at 8.30
become 8, become 7.40!! :O
stupid can food thing :(
now i can only sleep for... like 20-30 minutes more?! 

party world

i'm backk home ! ~

anyway, didn't go for bowling bcos it was full T_T
but but, we went for karaoke instead ^_^
HAAH, yeep, we went northpoint's party world.

sang for 3 hours.
very few JE songs?
i sang Arashi's A.Ra.Shi and Ashita no Kioku, Yamapi's loveless and daite senorita :)
don't have NEWS one :( there's a few KAT-TUN's one.
but i dont know how to sing, so yeaa, skip :/

anyway, it's 12am now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIGE!!!♥♥♥♥

okayy, i'm actually.. tired now? :/
but i'm staying up to watch world cup.
tomorrow can't watch final :( 
cos there's school on monday, then i got english summary test too -.-
later i doze off.
i'll be like half dead in school ;O

hmmm, shall do some work now!
lots of maths question!!

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i'm feeling abit...
uhm, nevermind.

i'm like home so early, nobody at home, nobody to talk to -.-
and it's raining now, so dark!
lightning and thunders D:

okay, anyway, this morning, before going to school, i used my phone to check updates.
and i saw Yamashita Tomohisa's One in a million preview download.
my heart beat very fast!
idk why, then when i listen to it, i nearly drop my cup ! :O
hehe, nice song!
i likeeee :D
i listened to it when i'm on the way to school, and when i'm going home.
i repeat the song again and again.
so i have no idea how many times i've listen to it already. HAHA!

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i'm at charmaine's house now, going for tuition soon, so yea.
i'm going to update my LJ now, incase i won't online tonight?
so much work to do!

school started later today!
so i woke up an hour later than usual? :D 
but daddy occupied the toilet :(
so i just sit on the sofa and wait..
after that, i have to rush everything! 

when i just woke up, Cheryl sms me! 
like :O so zhun.

hmm, took taxi to school cos Shaun came later today?
then if we take bus we will be late? or almost late? 
then it's the 3rd time in a week already! LOL!

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okay, tuition at 4pm -.-
the time always change :/ 

oh yes, i'm going to deposit money later and transfer money for yamapi's single :D