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my adorable boyssssssssss!

i'm sorry for blogging the second time!
cos i was watching SS501's Snow Prince Concert Video, then i suddenly realised that i missed them so much :(
please, SS501, come to Singapore next year for concert okay?
i've seen Baby Jun, and now, i'm seeing HyunJoong soon! :D 
i really hope Kyusaeng would come, it would be really sad if its really cancelled :(
ah ah..
so SS501, please come tgt next year!! 
i'll definitely go, and definitely be at the front :)♥

i miss CNBlue too, yonghwa oppa!
there's concert next year too right? please come Singapore again okay? :) i'll go!! for sure! :)♥

and thennnnnn, i really miss watching NEWS concerts!!! 
finallyyyyyyy, 22nd December :) 
heheh, of course i'm buying the DVD, but not Jap version lah, that one, suck my money only :o
i can't wait to watch their documentary, and all the rabu rabu! ♥♥

Arashi, don't need to say, i'm always looking forward to their things too! :)
i can't wait for their concert DVD!
each year, their concert is like getting better, ne junjun? ♥
its like when we watch AAA 2008, its like so awesome! 
then when we watch 5x10, AAA seem boring! :o
HAHA! and then now.. this year's concert make 5x10 very normal!

KAT-TUN, well, i'm really sorry, but.. i've been giving you all moral support only.
but.. when i really want to buy your stuffs, i'm broke :o
so, i'm really sorry :( 
and my priorities are always Arashi and NEWS! :/
but yupp, i love KAT-TUN! my turtle :) ♥

wow, all these are my favourites?
i really miss all of them :( 
gaah, see you soon my oppas! 
and.. for johnny's... uhmm, i'll see you on DVDs and TVs ! heheh! 
ganbatte!!!!! fighting! 

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i can't bear to leave just now! 
so i left after he left!! 
so yes, during showcase, he looked at me and sister once? 
:D :D :D

then during meet and greet session, he looked like 2 or 3 times?
when i went up to take poster from him..
he dian me okay!!!
i was speechless.
i forget to say "oppa saranghae " D:
but nvm!! 
then when he was leaving, i keep shouting byebye!
and he looked over and wave like 2 or 3 times!!

want to send him off tomorrow, but the flight is at 10:20pm.
next day got school, can't send him off D:

i'll never forget 29th august and 21st august!! 

2010 listen to cnblue!

aye, the pictures take very long to upload! 
want somemore?
go to my facebook! 
hm, a lot blur pictures xD 

okay, so yesterday, i skipped tuition and went to watch CNBLUE xD 
waited at NUS for like 2 hours before seeing them.
and i can't believe i ate tomatoes yesterday -.-
screamed when CNBLUE came out xD
oh, that's so not RINA! 
HAHA! it's my first time la, so yea.
i dont even know how i will react ;O

the first song they sang was LETS GO CRAZY! xD
of course everybody's crazy and sang along xD 
then idk what song, then . uhm yea. (can't remember much xD )
then they sang I'M A LONER > LOVE LIGHT > LOVE!
during Love light, yonghwa asked the fans to sing, but when he say "EVERYBODY" , we all went " ... " 
then we started singing.
he was kind of shocked? i think he thought we dont know how to sing! HAHA!
then we started singing and i'm not really sure who was it, he said " wow. "

shouldn't have stopped the fancam so early D:
if not i will be able to record the fans singing uh.
but nvm! 

then they left the stage!
oh yes, and before that, when they say last song is LOVE.
the fans were like "huh .... "
then yonghwa said " there's encore you know? "
yes, he said in english okay!!

then they came out and sang i'm a loner remix > the way one time > oops, i can't remember anymore T_T
aahah, okay, then talk, yonghwa talks about chilli crab! 
and stuffs, then they asked sth like " who you want to collaborate with ? "
then the fans shouted " SNSD " when it's yonghwa. ( cos.. we got married you know? )
Yonghwa : No ~ 
Fans : Yes~ 
Yonghwa : Nooo~ 
Fans : YEs!! 
Yonghwa : NO! 

awwwwww, super cute lahhhh xD 
Yonghwa said i love you xD 

and i feel that MinHyuk look like KyuJong okay.
damn cute xD

i wish i can go back to ytd again D:
i want to see them again!!
oh yes, & when i used Sister's friend's binoculars, THEIR FACE IS RIGHT INFRONT OF ME @$%@#$@ ! 
during the talk part,i used it too, then beside Yonghwa was JongHyun & Minhyuk, so i can see them v clearly too when i use the bino to look at Yonghwa xD 

damn,now even when i'm listening to CN blue's song, i also will go high bcos of ytd xD 

ehehehe, okay, should get back my study mood and do maths now D:
oh wait, check whether i got homework or not xD

next sunday will be HyungJun!! 
i'm uploading the videos now!! 
being vvv patient.
haha, the videos take vvv long! :O


Exams all the way!

Ugh, I just woke up from a nap like an hour ago!
But I'm still feeling tired!! Have to study for maths tests though :(

Exams are approaching!
I mean 3 exams :(
TT class got 3 exams to take!

2nd sept - 28th sept
PRELIMS ( maths, POA, Chinese )

30th sept & 1st oct
EOY English and Chinese!

7th oct - 15th oct
EOY exam

25th oct - 16th nov
'O' level ( Chinese POA Maths )

You see, it's all the way ~ :(
Feel the stress uh.
So from now on, my life is just studying :(
I don't want to have regrets !!!

Hope I can do it! (Y)

So excited to see CNBLUE this Saturday!!
Meeting Chen hui tomorrow :)
Okaay, shall start doing maths tys now!


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13 hours of sleep

I slept for 13 hours last night! HEHEH!

Have been trying to buy cn blue's ticket since 9am?! Stupid gatecrash!
I think we will end up giving up!

Hais.. Nvm lor.

I don't like you :/ oops!

I got so many homework and tests la!
Thanks to YOG -.-
Got 3 POA papers, 1 English paper, 1 maths paper!
What else? Can't remember! And test everyday! Ugh

Okay, need to bathe and go tuition! Bye

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hohoho, cold cold!!
shivering now ;O

anyway, i feel that mr saktun is very right today.
our class isn't bonded at all.
our class is split into many cliques.
i soooo agree with him today okay!!
kinda sad that our class is like this? :/
hope things will get better!

my bag is sooo heavy tomorrow!LOL
bcos of the chinese file :O
super thick!
but i lost some of my tests.

kay, i'm sad that i didn't managed to get the cn blue's $168 ticket.
i think the fc is cheater? ;O
whatever luh :(
no more autograph session and photo taking!
but.. at least going for showcase! 
better than nothing right?

anyway, today was quite fun! :D
hmm, during RICH, i really fell asleep? :/
and this week, i did stupid things? :/
keep getting caught la.
like when i was sleeping in RICH today, mr saktun suddenly shouted "Ziyao" then i kind of "jump" up. HAHA! charmaine low saw it -.-
then during POA? i nearly drop my calculator and was catching it, charmaine low saw it too!!

okay, the fun thing was ... after school ? 8D
wanted to have lunch with peisi they all, but kunjing sms-ed to asked whether i want eat lunch with her and her sister not.
so yea, went to meet them ;/
had mac bcos kunjing's sister wanted it.
then we gossip gossip :/ talk talk.
eheheh, then went to walk one round and went to library to continue to gossip talk!
saw peisi they all there too :D

heh, okay, went home at 5++ ?
but i stayed there to wait for sister and mummy! 
had dinner and home!

kay, i didnt study again today!! :(
nooooooooooooo :(
so disappointed in myself.


cn blue in singapore

nooo, i feel so guilty.
guilty for not studying/doing homework today! :/
i rest/slack so much today luh. :(
tomorrow cannot already!

hmm...i think tomorrow after school, got poa remedial ? 
then straight away come home and do homework/study already.
have to!! 
no matter how tired i am.

and i'm going to feel guilty again on saturday cos i'll be going for party world after tuition :/
on saturday, i'll be buying Cn blue ticket for the showcase and autograph session.
still thinking whether should get the $168 oor $128 one.
cos $168 can take photo with them!! and poster can be signed by all of them.
but $128, cannot take photo, poster only can choose 1 member to sign ( of course YONGHWA!! )
howhowhow :O
tomorrow sister will discuss with her friend then decide which to get  :O

i'm mad now i know. :O
heheh, bye! :D 

my daddddyyy

i find it so funny everytime when daddy give me his evil laughter...or like.. "HEHEH. what are you doing huh? ^^ "
LOL, i was watching Arashi ni Shiyagare + CN blue's video + sms-ing.
then when i was replying my message, i pause everything, and i have no idea why i'm smiling? like for what, i also dont know? or maybe i can't remember! LOLOL.
then suddenly daddy was standing outside my room?! he walked in and ... " why you sms-ing and smiling huh? -evil laughter- " 
i bet he's thinking i'm sms-ing my boyfriend.
because he said something like " the message say what? " LOL!! 
he must be thinking that it's something sweet or whatever thats why i'm smiling.

okay, tuition for less than an hour just now -.-
tomorrow science tuition.
stupid LOW ps me :(
i'm going to be mute tomorrow :)

okay, back to AnS ! 

i feel so tired now, i cannot stop sneezing okay.
4th day already!!!
idiot nose! ):<