RinaMatsumoto (rinamatsumoto) wrote,

Last night in Chengdu, Sichuan.

It's my last night here in Chengdu :(
two weeks, sounds so long but it's actually really short.
two weeks here seems like... probably only 5 days or something?
It feels like we've been here for so long because we're familiar with the place already but at the same time, it felt like we just arrived yesterday? You get it?

Can't bear to leave here.
Remember the very first day we arrived, all i want was to go home. The food here suck, the place suck as well. Everything just suck, ugh.
but now? I actually think that i'm gonna miss the food here when i'm back home, and i totally love being here. Probably because of the people here.
They are so much fun to be with.
We're actually closer to the SIT students than the SBM students.

Soooo, here am i, doing GSM while Zul and Haziq are in my room. Partying! woo.
Snacks here and there. Yes, they are eating on my bed.

Decided not to go out today because i bascially spent all my money and i'm too lazy to go out already. heh.
Alrighto, presentation tomorrow and then farewell :(
Shall cherish the last day together with everyone!
Goodbye! :)

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