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Bye ms liem!

i shall open this post to everyone instead of putting it as friends entry. 

wanted to update my livejournal last night while waiting for the video to upload to facebook.
but i was damn tired so i went to rest on my bed awhile. 
my whole body was aching & my stomach was in pain! 
last night was probably the worst night. 

Yesterday was our farewell party to ms liem! D: 

ms liem was very happy yesterday! 

we ordered pizzas & she was shocked :o
Kunjing and Rachel bought a cake for her too.
& also, we did a book for her, which i think she likes it a lot!! 

12 boxes of pizzas! 

ms liem : OI, EAT LEH! ( 1st pic ) EH, EAT LAH!! (2nd pic)

i love this picture a lot!! why? LOOK AT MS LIEM!! the way she eat is soooo damn cute!!! 

then we took photos with ms liem!

at the end of the day, ms liem said : 5b1 has indeed made my day. i have never in my life took so many photos, very nice!! ♥♥♥
(something like that)

ms liem's last speech! 

book +cake 

a 'summary'! 

Ms liem is a really good teacher. 
she motivated the whole class and encouraged so many of us. 
It's really sad that she have to leave :(
but, have to accept the fact! 

Goodluck, ms liem! ♥
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