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Rina, 17 this year, i'm getting older! i don't look like i'm 17 though, :D 
i'm a fangirl, of course! but, not as crazy as last time :/
i'm not very active as a fangirl this year, because of exams.
but i still fangirl sometimes! (LOL?)

♥Arashi, NEWS, Tegomass, KAT-TUN, SS501, CNBLUE, KARA! 
My favourites are Matsumoto Jun, Yamashita Tomohisa & Kamenashi Kazuya! 
My favourite pairings are Juntoshi, Sakumoto, Tegopi! 

I have awesome friends!! ♥♥♥
I'm kinda secretive about my own life! hehehe! :/
Tags: Arashi♥, CN Blue♥, KARA♥, KAT-TUN♥, NEWS♥, SS501♥, Tegomass♥

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