RinaMatsumoto (rinamatsumoto) wrote,

Exam stress

This year Is indeed a really stress year. Most of my posts are all about stress and exams!

I'm taking a break now after reading through geog notes for 2 hours. I'm just reading through :( hopefully on Wednesday, I'll be able to write some things! Even if it's a just pass I'm happy enough! As for SS, it's the day after geog and I have not started on it at all!! FAIL.

100% fail :( I cant rely on my SBQ at all!! Hais.

Right, math paper 1 on Tuesday, geog and POA P2 on Wednesday, SS and math p2 on Thursday, chemistry on Friday. Physics and POA P1 on the following Tuesday, and chem + physics MCQ on Thursday.

Oh god! Please let me pass :((((( and I want 3A1s! Is that possible?

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