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my adorable boyssssssssss!

i'm sorry for blogging the second time!
cos i was watching SS501's Snow Prince Concert Video, then i suddenly realised that i missed them so much :(
please, SS501, come to Singapore next year for concert okay?
i've seen Baby Jun, and now, i'm seeing HyunJoong soon! :D 
i really hope Kyusaeng would come, it would be really sad if its really cancelled :(
ah ah..
so SS501, please come tgt next year!! 
i'll definitely go, and definitely be at the front :)♥

i miss CNBlue too, yonghwa oppa!
there's concert next year too right? please come Singapore again okay? :) i'll go!! for sure! :)♥

and thennnnnn, i really miss watching NEWS concerts!!! 
finallyyyyyyy, 22nd December :) 
heheh, of course i'm buying the DVD, but not Jap version lah, that one, suck my money only :o
i can't wait to watch their documentary, and all the rabu rabu! ♥♥

Arashi, don't need to say, i'm always looking forward to their things too! :)
i can't wait for their concert DVD!
each year, their concert is like getting better, ne junjun? ♥
its like when we watch AAA 2008, its like so awesome! 
then when we watch 5x10, AAA seem boring! :o
HAHA! and then now.. this year's concert make 5x10 very normal!

KAT-TUN, well, i'm really sorry, but.. i've been giving you all moral support only.
but.. when i really want to buy your stuffs, i'm broke :o
so, i'm really sorry :( 
and my priorities are always Arashi and NEWS! :/
but yupp, i love KAT-TUN! my turtle :) ♥

wow, all these are my favourites?
i really miss all of them :( 
gaah, see you soon my oppas! 
and.. for johnny's... uhmm, i'll see you on DVDs and TVs ! heheh! 
ganbatte!!!!! fighting! 
Tags: Arashi♥, CN Blue♥, KAT-TUN♥, NEWS♥, SS501♥

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