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HOHO, my computer is back!!! :D 
hmm, 4 days never blog already ? :D 

nothing much to blog about anyway.
everyday also study study study! 
got back Maths and POA prelim papers.

Maths - 64/100 !! 
i'm really happy with this result, because i didn't expect myself to get B ?! nono, i didn't even expect myself to pass!!! :D 

POA - 78.5/100!! 
YAAAY! i'm happy with this too ;) finally an A!!! 

haha, okay, left with chinese paper haven't get back.
this, 100% FAIL BADLY. LOL!  

had english EOY paper today ! 
HAH! i'm going to fail this badly too :(
my languages ah..

okayyy, byebye!! :D 
tomorrow children's day, no school! 
HAHAHAHA! no paper tomorrow, so no school :D 
Tags: exams♥, school♥

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