RinaMatsumoto (rinamatsumoto) wrote,

Lantern festival!

3 days never blog already?
A little lazy plus my comp still under repair ~
Anyway, tomorrow is last prelim paper already!!!

Finally!! But EOY coming.
Hmm, Starting from yesterday, our class only have 14 people :) since the rest are on study leave!
Kinda slack?
And school was fun!
Today's the best?

We had PE and I embarrassed myself by chasing the ball and falling down!!
Everyone laughed!!! :( LOL!
Charmaine low enjoyed telling people about how I fall!!! Ugh!

Then we had recess together :)
Got back chemistry test, 20/30
English we played English game! LOL
POA, ms liem said she will return us paper on Friday! Kowaii ~
she said she think I topped the class.
Yea, she think only, so can't be happy yet!!! Haha!
We dismissed ourselves early :)

Meet sister for lunch~
Home, nap, tuition!
Then went to celebrate lantern festival with Shaun, Charmaine and hui jia! :D

It's my first time celebrating with my friends?
Yuppp :D

Reached home at about 10.40?
So tired now! But hair still wet!! :0


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