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Hello! I'm lying on my bed now while typing this! My room is in 'bedtime' mode 8D which means it's very dark and it's just like when I sleep? 8D

I came back home not very long ago? I was shocked when I saw the time : 4pm when I was having lunch!! LOL!

Hmm, maths paper 2 was ... Errrr. I left like 20 marks blank!! And I had a really bad headache during maths paper! PLEASE!! let me pass!!

As for chinese paper 1, I guess I'm sick of Chinese, I regret retaking!!! Ugh nvm! I anyhow scribble :(
I slept for 40 minutes!! LOL!
Not gonna expect myself to pass :(

Had lunch with charmaine, sherlyn, shijie, Edwin, jiayi, kaiyun, Kevin and one more person? :/
We ate at BREEKS CAFE .

Eat until damn stress okay-.-
Thanks to Edwin!!!!!!!!
While we're cutting the meat and eating it or whatever, he will Make those noise like as if he is the meat?!
Went home at 4+++++++++++!

Normal school day tmr! Feels weird!!
Okay~ hmmmmm, chem or sleep? Idk :(


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