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busy schedule!

HELLO, i forget to blog for the past 2 or 3 days? 
LOL, have been busy studying i guess? 
oh well.

did like 3 hours plus of consecutive maths just now! 
we took so long to complete paper 1.
die die die.

tomorrow will be the start of prelims! 
which means, the start of my consecutive exams?

3rd sept - Maths paper 1 1030-1230! 
13th sept - Maths paper 2 8-1030! & CL paper 1 1130-1330!
20th sept - POA paper 1 8-9.30 & paper 2 1030-1230! 
23rd sept - CL paper 2 9-1030!

(the end of prelims. )

30th sept - English paper 1 8-9.45 & paper 2 11-12.40! 
6th oct - social studies 8-9.30
8th oct - Chemistry paper 8-9.45
11th oct - geog paper 8-9.30
13th oct- Physics paper 8-9.45

(the end of EOY)

26th oct - Maths o level paper.
27th oct - Maths o level paper.
2nd Nov - POA o level paper.
10th nov - MT o level paper.

(the end of o levels)

seee, 1 exam after another :(
no break for me,! 
plus, our study leave only 2 days la -.-

2 months 8 more days to go, i just have to study for this 2 months and 8 days, then i can rest for the year already!! 

okay, back to maths?
i'm worried for my maths.
idk how to study.
i mean...
ugh, tmr i'm going to study for 1 hour first before going to school!!
most important is formats only right?

my maths sucks :( 

gaaaaah, byebye! 
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