RinaMatsumoto (rinamatsumoto) wrote,

Exams all the way!

Ugh, I just woke up from a nap like an hour ago!
But I'm still feeling tired!! Have to study for maths tests though :(

Exams are approaching!
I mean 3 exams :(
TT class got 3 exams to take!

2nd sept - 28th sept
PRELIMS ( maths, POA, Chinese )

30th sept & 1st oct
EOY English and Chinese!

7th oct - 15th oct
EOY exam

25th oct - 16th nov
'O' level ( Chinese POA Maths )

You see, it's all the way ~ :(
Feel the stress uh.
So from now on, my life is just studying :(
I don't want to have regrets !!!

Hope I can do it! (Y)

So excited to see CNBLUE this Saturday!!
Meeting Chen hui tomorrow :)
Okaay, shall start doing maths tys now!


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Tags: 'o' levels, CN Blue♥, awesome pervert evil chen hui♥, exams♥, via ljapp

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