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Good news ?

Hello , can't update my blog , so i'll update here first ! :)
don't know what's wrong with Blogger !
hahaha !

checked our result slips today.
badly done!

English - 57
Chinese - 51
Maths - 53
Comb.Science - 76
POA - 75
Humanities - 51

totaly - 401/600
average % - 66.8%

class position - 5
level position - 5 !

very disappointed in POA and Science .
don't know why so low ! ):
i think Science is cos of MYE ?
then POA is cos of CA1 and EOY .
D: D: D:

but at least i manage to pass chinese and maths.
probably can stay in TT ?
English , TT students are moderated by 5 marks ! :)
haha !

then i got my academic performance award too ? :o
first time in 3 years !
LOL , was kinda shocked .
but that's for Ca2 , 72.2% ! :D

byebye ! :D
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