RinaMatsumoto (rinamatsumoto) wrote,

blood pledge was touching and sweet!

I've got a bit of time now!
So let me blog quickly xD

Hmm, I really love today!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
Really fun!
Hope we can have this kind of things more often!
Okay, so!
We got really nervous and scared even before BLOOD PLEDGE started! hahahah!
The theatre was full btw.
Then the show started and within few minutes, we all screamed, I mean a lot ppl in the theatre!
End up, we all laughed!
Basically, throughout the whole show was screaming and laughing xD
I screamed like 3 times?!
Got once like only I scream. So embarrassing!
Charmaine was closing her eyes most of the time! LOL!

Okay, the show ended up being very sweet and touching!
The love between the best friend!

Went to walk around and one of the shop played arashi's song!!! Shocked!!!
Then went home and huijia and I
Were both "gossiping"!!
Really funny okay!!
HAHAHA! I laughed non-stop!
They are like twins?! So alike la!

Heheh, okay!
Next movie will be liar game! But most probably wont be as fun cos will be watching straight after school and go home I think?
Exams coming! Cannot play le :(


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