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damn nice okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

can't wait for the subs!! 8D
anyway, there was tears in my eyes when Jun cried like a baby :/
aha, i can't stand watching actors/idols that i like cry..
cos i'll cry with them too!

anyway, quick post?
kinda tired now even though it's only 9++
got back SS test today! 
see the paper = shiok! 8D

Yaaay! i like all the "G"s xD 

Geog test on wednesday, well, i dont think i can pass ;/
i haven't really start studying and i'm going to sleep after this! so yea D:
i can't sleep late also.
listening compre o level tomorrow!
so i only can last minute read tomorrow? D:
i'm going to fail again maaaaaan.

kay, tomorrow getting back english summary test.
confirm 100% FAIL FAIL FAIL.
like seriously, and is fail until super badly one lor!!
always the same :(

oh shit, watch natsuniji until forget i got one more maths question-.-
shall go do and sleep!
oyasumi 8D
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