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back to schoooool!

first day of school is still.. alright?
was almost late! 
walked in the school and the bell rang :o
i have no idea why all the bus today are so late?!
no wait, not only bus, train too! ( that's why Melodie's late too)

i find it hilarious when i saw Charmaine, Melodie and Huijia at the latecomer there?
idk why, but i was like, what if i'm late also? then 4 of us were there xD

i slept at 2+ am last night.
so i only slept for 3 hours.
when i woke up, i was reaaaaaaally sleeeeepy.
but after that i became very awake? 
it didn't last long though.
after recess, during physics lesson?
i was starting to feel tired already.
then during maths, i totally fell asleep :/
damn tired :O

anyway, changed chemistry teacher :(
idw !!!
starting of the year, we keep saying we want Mr Chua, whenever we walk pass him, we will always say sth like " why you dont want teach us? "
this time we will be saying it to Mrs Puar already.
D: nobody can help us file our chemistry file already!
no more chemistry lessons in lab.
means not as much experiments already :(
but anyway, just hope that the new teacher can teach well!

during MT lesson, we go through our O level paper.
omg, i think i'm really not going to get A2 already la D:
maybe best will be B4 ..
tomorrow going through paper 2,
even worse! will be damn pekchek when i realise my mistakes -.-
especially the first part bcos i know i got 4 wrong already!

hmm, still not used to the new timetable.
but our dismissal time never change! :)
i like! :D

was sms-ing with Cheryl from morning till afternoon.
hehe. :D

came back home straight after school, so i reached home at about 1.40! :O
super early!
yepp, then i bathe, i cook maggee meee, watched tv and eat.
then i do maths homework.
and i want to do my SS homework, but i dont understand the picture :(
then i was feeling super cold, so i went to get my blanket.
then still very cold! + sleepy.
then i fell asleep on the table.
but still cold, then i went to the sofa and lie down , wrap myself in blanket! :D 
i fell asleep from 4-5.30.
was actually still very tired. but sister suddenly came back and open the door quite loudly, then scare me :O

so i woke up already.
i'll do SS some other day :(
i'm going to download Vs Arashi tonight and watch since there's problem with part 11 last night!
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