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Woohoo !

Did another cover with Melodie and Charmaine :o
sounds so bad .
but nevermind ! ^^
have fun jiu hao ! :D

gonna start working hard starting from sept holidays !
uploading the cover onto youtube now !
stupid luh ! take such a long time . finally 10mb .
end up say got error !
now re upload!

tomorrow or rather later , going karin jie's birthday party ! ^^
hope it will be fun then !!

got back POA and Compo test paper today !
poa i got 16.5/20 !! highest in class ! :D
very shocking ..
Compo got 13/30 ?!
teacher say i could have passed , but my tense !! D:
hope CA2 didnt fail ?
hope my Vocab test can pull me up !!

i think when school reopen , get back report book already ?
i scared got fail !! D:

nevermind ..
sleeping soon ba !
after the video is done !
oyasumi ! ^^
Tags: Birthday♥, Cover♥, Results♥, Tests♥

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