March 8th, 2013



Hello, because wordpress doesn't seem to work in China, i'm here!! It's only the second day here in Chengdu. Time passes so slowly here because we wake up early and we have activities all day long! So, what have we been doing since we arrived? Checked into our hostel, which looked like a 5-star hotel. Totally amazed by the look. The bedd is like super super king sized. woo. HAHAHA. okay,so we had our first meal in Chengdu, oh my god. It's damn freaking oily. like the dishes are drenched in oil ? Cons and I ordered one dish each and shared. it cost like less than a dollar or slightly more only. then we walked around and had some mini shopping. or rather, groceries shopping. haha. BAck to our hostel and tadaah, off to bed! This morning, breakfast was, yuck. Only had a plate of broccoli and an egg. Came back to our room and ate the bread i brought from SG and drank milo. Went around Chengdu polytechnic and then after that to another school, where we learnt tea ceremony and how to fold those table flowers(?) it was really interesting!
After our dnner, we went to Chunxi road for shopping!

and now im back in the hostel and skyping with Sheep!