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6 more days

'O' level Chinese in 6 more days :(
this will be my last post till then. ( most probably )

i'm feeling very scared, there's like so much for me to do and learn for chinese.
yes, i should really stop myself from using the computer and start my intensive revision already.
then i'll reward myself by going bowling with friends after 'O' :D 

so long never bowl already ~ !

anyway, i fell asleep so many times today during mock exam.
there's like one time when i'm really asleep, then ben chew woke me up, i was like kind of shocked xD 
today's mock is more boring and sleepy ! :(

okay, i shall do a little of paper 2 and study chinese words ! 
shall not sleep today afternoon! :)
but i'll sleep as early as i can tonight! 
i'll try to sleep at 10 ^^ 

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