Last night in Chengdu, Sichuan.

It's my last night here in Chengdu :(
two weeks, sounds so long but it's actually really short.
two weeks here seems like... probably only 5 days or something?
It feels like we've been here for so long because we're familiar with the place already but at the same time, it felt like we just arrived yesterday? You get it?

Can't bear to leave here.
Remember the very first day we arrived, all i want was to go home. The food here suck, the place suck as well. Everything just suck, ugh.
but now? I actually think that i'm gonna miss the food here when i'm back home, and i totally love being here. Probably because of the people here.
They are so much fun to be with.
We're actually closer to the SIT students than the SBM students.

Soooo, here am i, doing GSM while Zul and Haziq are in my room. Partying! woo.
Snacks here and there. Yes, they are eating on my bed.

Decided not to go out today because i bascially spent all my money and i'm too lazy to go out already. heh.
Alrighto, presentation tomorrow and then farewell :(
Shall cherish the last day together with everyone!
Goodbye! :)


Hello, because wordpress doesn't seem to work in China, i'm here!! It's only the second day here in Chengdu. Time passes so slowly here because we wake up early and we have activities all day long! So, what have we been doing since we arrived? Checked into our hostel, which looked like a 5-star hotel. Totally amazed by the look. The bedd is like super super king sized. woo. HAHAHA. okay,so we had our first meal in Chengdu, oh my god. It's damn freaking oily. like the dishes are drenched in oil ? Cons and I ordered one dish each and shared. it cost like less than a dollar or slightly more only. then we walked around and had some mini shopping. or rather, groceries shopping. haha. BAck to our hostel and tadaah, off to bed! This morning, breakfast was, yuck. Only had a plate of broccoli and an egg. Came back to our room and ate the bread i brought from SG and drank milo. Went around Chengdu polytechnic and then after that to another school, where we learnt tea ceremony and how to fold those table flowers(?) it was really interesting!
After our dnner, we went to Chunxi road for shopping!

and now im back in the hostel and skyping with Sheep!


What's this feeling

It's suffocating. 

I have to keep smiling, no matter what :

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Let this be the last.

I hope and i want this to be the last time i'm talking about this. 

some might know what happened, some might not. 
but it's already obvious now, isn't it? 

Had another h2h talk again today. 
i thought about it when i was on cruise, when i was at bintan. 
yes, i know that it's over. 
what's holding me in? 
memories? feelings? hope? 
i don't know. 

we weren't together, we were never. 
or we were, unofficially. 
the damage is still as great. 

no one to blame except for myself. 
i didn't learn my lesson previously. 
why did i still give everything in what i do? 
i'm just plain stupid. 

As for now, i've already tried to be normal. 
I tried to talk to you today. 
but i don't know.. i don't want to be the only one who is always trying. 
one-sided in "relationship" is enough, i don't want one-sided in friendship too? (is there such thing? i don't know.) 

so from now, i'll control myself.
it might be hard, but i'll be strong. 

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Love rainbow

Easy come, Easy go.

Everything was a dream.

We knew this day would come, we knew it all along. How did it, come so fast? 

I didn't learn from my previous mistake. 

It happened again. 

It was never official, but the damage is still great.

We're all strangers from the start. We became classmates, friends, close friends and even closer than close friends. 

Now, it's back to the start. Strangers? 

Is it so hard to even be friends? 

Have you forgotten what i've always said? 

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Bye ms liem!

i shall open this post to everyone instead of putting it as friends entry. 

wanted to update my livejournal last night while waiting for the video to upload to facebook.
but i was damn tired so i went to rest on my bed awhile. 
my whole body was aching & my stomach was in pain! 
last night was probably the worst night. 

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Ms liem is a really good teacher. 
she motivated the whole class and encouraged so many of us. 
It's really sad that she have to leave :(
but, have to accept the fact! 

Goodluck, ms liem! ♥
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Exam stress

This year Is indeed a really stress year. Most of my posts are all about stress and exams!

I'm taking a break now after reading through geog notes for 2 hours. I'm just reading through :( hopefully on Wednesday, I'll be able to write some things! Even if it's a just pass I'm happy enough! As for SS, it's the day after geog and I have not started on it at all!! FAIL.

100% fail :( I cant rely on my SBQ at all!! Hais.

Right, math paper 1 on Tuesday, geog and POA P2 on Wednesday, SS and math p2 on Thursday, chemistry on Friday. Physics and POA P1 on the following Tuesday, and chem + physics MCQ on Thursday.

Oh god! Please let me pass :((((( and I want 3A1s! Is that possible?

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